Chefs: Robby, Clover and a custom worker


Robby/Clover/CW looks out his or her window and sees a brand new bagel store called Papa's Bageleria. He or her walks over and enters and sees nobody there and then Papa Louie comes over and tells him or her that they are the first customer and the prize was getting a job at the bagel store and gives him or her keys and a uniform with a chef visor and a brown and white swirly shirt and gets upset.

Customer Rank Chart

In Tutorial: Clover/Robby

After Tutorial: Rocky

Pudsey (Day 2)

Timm (Day 2)

David H. (Rank 2)


Order Station

Toast Station

Build Station


Toast Station:

Mild Toaster ($20.00 in Upgade shop)

Middle Toaster (Start)

Maximum Toaster ($50.00 in Upgrade shop)

Plain Bagel (Start)

Poppy Bagel (Day 2)

Seasame Bagel (Rank 5)

Pumpernickel Bagel (Rank 6)

Wheat Bagel (Rank 10)

New Customers: Sally, Kevin, Jenny, Kasey, Margo, Vonnie, Laura and Will


Billy (NEW!)


Margo (NEW!)


Angelica (NEW!)


Fredrick (NEW!)



Burgerzilla (Monday)

Cool Shot (Tuesday)

In the Bagel (Wednesday)

How to Play: Try to hit the target in the midde of the bagel

and get a Bageleria prize. Miss and get nothing.

Customer Cravings (Thursday)

Hallway Hunt (Friday)

Mitch's Mess (Saturday)


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