Papa Louie 4: Rise Of The Pasta is another Papa Louie game released after Pastaria as a followup. There are many new features in this game!


A freak accident in the kitchen made all of the pasta come to life and want world domination. Defeat the pastas before it's too late!


Spaghetti Monster

Gnochhi Monster

Macaroni Monster

Ravioli Monster

Fettuccine Monster

Bowtie Monster

Penne Monster

Radiatori Monster [BOSS]


  • Spaghetti Swamp
  • Gnochhi Grasslands
  • Macaroni Marianara Marshland
  • Ravioli Yard
  • No Man's Fettuccine 
  • Bowtie Land
  • Penne Pen
  • Radiatori Story

Unlockable Characters

James - Start, No Skill, Weapon: Marianara Blaster 

Penny - Start, No Skill, Weapon: Creamer

Felicity - Beat Spaghetti Swamp, Double Jump, Weapon: Vegetable Sword

Caitlyn - Beat Gnochhi Grasslands, Crawl, Weapon: Jalepeno Launcher

Frost - Beat Macaroni Marianara Marshland, Slow Enemies, Weapon: Cold Sword

Felix - Ravioli Yard, 3x Normal Speed, Weapon: Candy Sword

Furtive - 100 Coins, Climb ANYTHING, Weapon: Light Blades

New Features

  • When hovering your mouse over a map, tells you how many enemies there are.
  • New Skills
  • Tag-Team: For a price, switch between characters during a battle.
  • Critical Strikes: For melee weapons, 10% chance to deal twice as much damage.
  • Better Graphics
  • Teleport: When done with a map, use 100 coins to teleport anywhere in that map.
  • Barrel Roll: Roll using the R key and go twice as fast. Felix will go six times the normal speed.
  • Scroll: When finished a map, you can replay and scroll/look anywhere.
  • Replay: Shows you a replay of your map fighting.

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