This is a game where you need to save Mr. Pepper's Personalities from Sarge and Radley Madsh until he was erased from existence forever! You need to find all the parts of the personality warper to save Mr. Pepper!


Once upon a time, there were three men that has different occupations. A CEO, a delivery man and a teacher. Then one day, they all met, and they are all combined into one person. Then, Mr. Pepper was born. He lived normally, had a family and made a secret about his personalites. But, Sarge and Radley Madish just never learn. They kidnapped everyone, including Mr. Pepper. Mr. Pepper splits into three while on the portal. The personality warper is the only way to complete Mr. Pepper. Sadly, Sarge and Radley Madish broke it and it's up to you to find the pieces of it to save Mr. Pepper from being erased from existence forever!



Mrs. Cherry: Weapon: Cherry bombs. Skill: None

Harry: Weapon: Tip bombs. Skill: None

Perry: Weapon: Stuffed Platypus toys. Skill: None

Papa Louie: Weapon: Pizza Paddle. Skill: Glide

Mr. Capri: Weapon: Laser Pointer. Skill: Stealth


Joe: Weapon: Frying Pan. Skill: Burn, Ground Pound

Megan: Weapon: Rainbow Bomb. Skill: Explosive, Platform


Glide: Lets you glide to long gaps. Also allows to collect coins from high places.

Ground Pound: Breaks weak blocks to explore other places. Also kill baddies instantly.

Crawl: Allows you to crawl into really small gaps. Also immune to being cheesed while crawling.

Double Jump: Allows you to jump again or jump in midair. Used for exploring high places.

Wall Jump: Allows you to jump from wall to wall. Used to explore areas that are only accesible by wall climbing.

Push: Allows you to push boulders and other heavy objects. Also used for reaching hard to reach places.

Swim: Allows you to swim on liquid structures (except acid and quicksand)

Long Jump: Allows you to jump really far that gliding cant do.

Burn: Allows you to burn flammable objects such as wood and acid.

Explosive: Allows you to blow up weak blocks that Ground Pound cant do.

Stealth: Allows you to be invisible to enemies and walk through walls. Lasts for 5 seconds or unitl cheesed.

Rocketeer: Allows you to launch using rockets. Rocket destroy weak blocks and lasts for 5 seconds or until you hit a wall.

Drop Down: Allows you to drop down on line platforms.

Shield: They are immune to attacks while ducked. All Shield customers can also Glide.

Platform: They can make temporary platforms to cross gaps that Glide, Long Jump and Rocketeer cant reach. Platform breaks for 5 seconds of being stepped.

Universal Skill: Persons that have this skill have all the skills above.

Tips and tricks:

How to find all pieces of the Personality Warper:

  1. Needs Glide. It is found on Peppermint Hills 1. Using your Glide Skill, glide until you land on a platform. Defeat all Lemongrabbers (or avoid them) and you will see a piece of the Personality Warper.
  2. Needs Stealth. It is found on Steatherberry Castle 2. If you see a Personality Warper Piece on a wall, use your Stealth Skill. Use it again to get out.
  3. Needs Rocketeer. It is found at Powsicle Factory 3.  Use the rocket to blast through the bottomless gaps. Climb and deploy a rocket (or you can just ride the rocket to the piece). Walk, and get the piece.
  4. Doesn't need a Skill. It is found at Hall Of Personalities 4 and 5. Just go to your normal way.

How to deploy a rocket:

You must be a rocketeer. Pick up a rocket and ride it. While riding it, drop down from the rocket. The rocket will still be speeding until it hit a wall.

How to defeat Sarge:

Sarge battle is harder. He is found on Pasta Jungle Reserves and Fort Onion. His Pepper bombs do more damage. To defeat him, while he is throwing a pepper bomb (or pepper nukes), deflect it. DO NOT use explosive characters: it will just explode midair. There is a 30% chance of direct hit, but still do this. If you hate deflecting his bombs, use a melee character. Melee characters do more damage to Sarge than ranged people.


  1. Brown Onion
  2. Onion
  3. Army Onion
  4. Kaiser Onion
  5. Hi-Tech Onion
  6. Warper Onion
  7. Red Tomato
  8. Roma Tomato
  9. Runt Tomato
  10. Wedger Tomato
  11. Party Sub
  12. Burger Slider
  13. Hi-Tech Burger Slider
  14. Brussel Lark
  15. Ambush Lark
  16. Lettuce Lark 
  17. Leafy Lark
  18. Dill Wheel
  19. Dill Worm
  20. Dill Weed
  21. Dill Bar
  22. Dill Tower
  23. Blue Shroom
  24. Bow Shroom
  25. Umbrella Shroom
  26. Thorn Shroom
  27. Bacobar
  28. Bacoburn
  29. Bacobites
  30. Bacosqueeze
  31. Swiss Zack
  32. Cheddar Mack
  33. Pepperjack
  34. Cheese Cannon
  35. Cheese Gun
  36. Radish
  37. Laddish
  38. Paradish
  39. Maddish
  40. Cheese Wheel
  41. Jellyback
  42. Awesome Saucer
  43. Atomic Bomber
  44. Buffalo Wingman
  45. Lemongrabbers
  46. Powsicle Bomb
  47. Whipped Cream Rocket
  48. Fudge Fisters
  49. Sarge
  50. Radley Madish


  1. Munchmore Entry
  2. Mount Munchmore
  3. Whipped Cream River
  4. Fort Onion
  5. Pasta Jungle Reserves
  6. Wingeria Saucequeducts
  7. Acidic Lemon Rapids
  8. Peppermint Hills
  9. Steatherberry Castle
  10. Teryiaki Graveyard
  11. Powsicle Factory
  12. Radish Farm
  13. Fizzo Falls
  14. The Freezeria Point
  15. University of Munchmore
  16. Foodie Laboratory
  17. X-Zone
  18. Candy Crusher Facility
  19. Hall Of Personalities
  20. The Personality Castle


Key Finder: Have 5 Personality Keys

Personality Locker: Have 10 Personality Keys

Personality Explorer: Have 25 Personality Keys

Halfway There: Have 50 Personality Keys

Key To The Personalities: Have 100 Personality Keys

Castle Survivor: Rescue Mr. Pepper without dying on The Personality Castle

Acid Neutralizer: Drop 50 antacid blocks to acid

Set Fire to The Acid: Burn acid 100 times

Immortal: Finish game without dying on any levels

Acid Trigger: Defeat 100 Powsicle Bombs by luring them into acid

Family Reunion: Save Mr. Pepper using one of the members of The Pepper Family

Sister's Keeper: Save Ninjoy with Mr. Capri

Roy And Joy: Save Roy using Ninjoy

Founder Pounder: Save Matt and Tony using a person with Ground Pound Skill

Back To The Past: Complete the Personality Warper and play all the levels that has the parts of it

Relentess Killer: Kill all baddies on all levels

Shadowless Fists: Kill 10 baddies while on Stealth mode

Friends Close, Enemies Closer: Rescue L33T and Dictator Rader using Mr. Capri (or by rescuing Vladimir using Martin)

Business Partners: Rescue Amelia using Mr. Capri

Visiting My Grave: Go to Teriyaki Graveyard using any ghost customer

Well, Fudge: Kill yourself on quick sand while getting chased by 5 Fudge Fisters

Catch The Birdies: Pound or blow up 100 flying enemies

Wild MissingNo. Appeared!: Make extreme lag while playing the game with L33T

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