PLSP: TVotFc is fan game in which the fan  characters (Luis, Angie, Matthew, etc.) gets kidnapped by Radley Madish and Sarge. There are more levels, in total, 48 and bonus world with 12 levels making a total of 60 smashing levels to play! (includes also some real customers)(bomb customers also have the skill of burning)


11/06/13: this update will include 2-player mode and 3 more bonus levels. (making it a total of 12 BLs, previously 9 BLs.)

15/07/13: this update will add the third map including Wasabi Island (4 Levels) Bean Desert (4 levels) Sweetland Outskirts (7 Levels) Muffin Mountain (5 levels) and Veggie Natural Reserves (6 levels) making a total of 86 levels soon.

01/08/13: this update will add the 4th map including Juicy Jungle & Spicy Bacon Praires.



Roy: Weapon: Pepperoni Bombs, Skill: Burning

Marty: Weapon: Spatula, Skill: None

Rita: Weapon: Spatula, Skill: None

Mitch: Weapon: Sour Cream Shooter, Skill: None

Maggie: Weapon: Hot Sauce Shooter, Skill: Double Jump

Alberto: Weapon: Rainbow Sherbert Shooter, Skill: Push

Penny: Weapon: Blueberry Shooter, Skill: Wall Jump

Cooper: Weapon: Stuffed Cat Toys, Skill: None

Prudence: Weapon: Stuffed Dog Toys, Skill: None

Chuck: Weapon: Pineapple Bomb, Skill: Swim 

Mandi: Weapon: Buffalo Shooter, Skill: Swim

Taylor: Weapon: Ear Buds, Skill: None

Peggy: Weapon: Lasso, Skill: Double Jump

Matt: Weapon: Maple Syrup Shooter, Skill: None

Tony: Weapon: Lettuce Discus, Skill None

Derek: Weapon: Silver Bullet, Skill: None


Eunbee: Weapon: Wasabi Shooter, Skill: None

Epicmaster: Weapon:Minecraft shoop da whoop gun skill:glide (+drops dirt block over pits so dirt blocks can be used as a platform but dirt block fall when you walk on them)

Angie: Weapon: Jalepeno Bombs, Skill: Long Jump (+ Burning)

Leo: Weapon: Loco Mystery Shooter, Skill: Crawl

Reimu: Exorcism Rod(DDC), Skill: Glide

Jacob: Weapon: Cherry Bomb, Skill: Glide (+ Burning)

Marisa: Weapon: Magic Wand, Skill: Wall Jump

Koishi: Weapon: Mind Manipulation, Skill: None

Auburn: Weapon: Green Peppers, Skill: Swim (+Explosive)

Matthew: Weapon: Strawberry Shooter, Skill: Crawl

Minoriko: Weapon: Fruit(used like Prudence's Dog Toys), Skill: Long Jump

Kaguya: Weapon: Ketchup Shooter, Skill: Glide

Emma: Weapon: Carrot Bomb, Skill: Swim (+ Burning)

Aya: Weapon: Onion Bomb, Skill: Glide (+ Burning)

Sarge Fan: Weapon: Gummy Onion. Skill: Wall Jump

Adam: Weapon: Mini-Bombs, Skill: Wall Jump (+ Wall Climb)

Whitney: Weapon: Mayo Shooter, Skill: None

Kingsley: Weapon: Microphone, Skill: Ground Pound

Yippy: Weapon: Rainbow Cookie, Skill: Crawl

Connor: Weapon: Basketball, Skill: Double Jump 

Allan: Weapon: Butterscotch Shooter, Skill: Long Jump

Radlynn: Weapon: Gummy Radishes, Skill: Wall Jump

Luigi: Weapon: Guacamole , Skill: Push

Tennyr: Weapon: Nacho Cheese Shooter, Skill: Crawl

Lorenzo: Weapon: Avcado Bombs, Skill: Burning

Amber: Weapon: Mushroom Shooter, Skill: Wall Jump

Bruna Romano: Weapon: Accordion, Skill: Glide

Utah: Weapon: Chocolate Shooter, Skill: Crawl

Jason: Weapon: Awesome Sauce Shooter, Skill: Double Jump

Xanthus: Weapon: Baseball Bat, Skill: Push

Foodini: Weapon: Balloon Whip, Skill: Glide

Greg: Weapon: Yo-Yo, Skill: Crawl

Little Edoardo: Weapon: Bongos, Skill: Crawl

Big Pauly: Weapon: Pepper Bombs, Skill: Ground Pound (+ Burning)

Alice: Weapon: Scarf Whip, Skill: Double Jump

Iman: Weapon: Violin, Skill: Long Jump

Carlo Romano: Weapon: Mandolin, Skill: Swim

Fujiwara: Weapon: Fireball, Skill: Glide (+ Burning)

Bertha: Weapon: Whistle Whip, Skill: Ground Pound

Olga: Weapon: Power of uglyness, Skill: Ground Pound 

Scarletta: Weapon: Bacon Bomb, Skill: Burning

Mindy: Weapon: Hair Dryer Whip, Skill: None

Jessa: Weapon: Chocolate Whipped Cream Shooter, Skill: Glide (using Choco Whipped Cream to fly up, but it runs out)

Luis: Weapon: Bombernickel, Skill: Swim (+ Burning)

Andrew: Weapon: Blood Sword, Skill: Bloodborn

Ruby: Weapon: Stinky Cheese (Stuns Enemies), Skill: +50% damage when in Cheese Valley

Heart: Weapon: Explosive Cards, Skill: Explosive

L33T: Weapon: Code Rain, Skill: None

Analisa: Weapon: Kazoo, Skill: Crawl

Willow: Weapon: Dark Magic, Skill: Glide 

steve: weapon:Diamond sword skill:long jump

Mr. Pepper Mode1: Dr. Cherry bombs. Skill : Burning 

Mr. Pepper Mode2: Styrofoam Launcher. Skill: Explosive 

Mr. Pepper Mode3: Chalk Bombs. Skill: Push 

Mrs. Cherry: Dr. Cherry bombs. Skill : Burning (+Glide)

Harry: Tip Jar Bombs. Skill: Glide (+Explosive)

Mr.Jaff: Firework Bazooka Skill: Glide

Perry: Stuffed Platypus Toys/Fedora Discus. Skill: Swimming (+Explosive)

Lawrence: Katana Skill: Double Jump (+Glide (Use his jacket  to glide up) )

Papa Louie: Weapon: Pizza Paddle, Skill: Glide

Boost Shop

  • Goodie Cheese: brings the player an a good cheese cannon which cheese enemies. Can cheese at least to 10 baddies.  Unlocked in CV-2 and costs 200 money.
  • Powerade: Boosts player's power by +1 for the whole level. However, the effect quits if the player is cheesed.

Unlocked in BC-3 and costs 400 money.

  • Resistant defense: Boosts player's defense by +1 for the whole level, taking double damage to lost a single life, however, the effect quits if the player is cheesed.

Cheese Valley-1

  • Eunbee
  • Angie (requires double jump)
  • Leo (requires crawling)

Cheese Valley-2

  • Reimu
  • Jacob (requires gliding)
  • Marisa (requires pushing)

Cheese Valley-3

  • Koishi
  • Auburn (requires gliding)
  • Matthew (requires wall jumping)

Blueberry Cave-1

  • Minoriko 
  • Kaguya (requires ground pounding)
  • Emma (requires new skill, swimming)


  • Aya
  • Sarge Fan (requires swimming)
  • Adam (requires double jump)


  • Whitney
  • Kingsley (requires new skill, long jump)
  • Yippy (requires ground pounding)
  • Mr. Pepper Mode1 (requires push)

Sweetheart Hills-1

  • Connor
  • Allan (requires swimming)
  • Radlynn (requires pushing)


  • Luigi
  • Tennyr (requires long jump)
  • Lorenzo (requires crawling)


Defeat Sarge! it will unlock:

  • Kingsley
  • Bruna Romano
  • steve (needs crawling)


  • Jason
  • Xanthus (requires swimming or crawling,not both)
  • Foodini (requires gliding or ground pounding, not both)

New Fort Onion-1 (second map)

  • Greg
  • Little Edoardo (requires double jump)
  • Big Pauly (requires swimming)


  • Alice M
  • Iman (requires long jump)
  • Carlo (requires crawling)
  • Mr. Pepper Mode2 (requires swimming)


  • Fujiwara
  • Bertha (requires burning)
  • Olga (requires POWER OF UGLYNESS  pushing)

Raisin Reef-1

  • Scarletta
  • Mindy (requires ground pound)
  • Jessa (requires gliding)


  • Satori
  • Analisa (requires burning)
  • Willow (requires crawling)


  • Lisa 
  • Noel (requires swimming)
  • Robby (requires wall jump)
  • Mr. Pepper Mode3 (requires push)


  • Franco
  • Gino (requires gliding)
  • Boomer (requires crawling)
  • Perry (requires one of the members of The Pepper Family)

Bacon Village-1

  • Johnny
  • Lawrance (requires double jump)
  • Tess (requires ground pound)
  • Cheese Fan (requires crawling)
  • Mrs. Cherry (requires one of the members of The Pepper Family)


  • Rebecca
  • Western Fan (requires long jump)
  • Xolo (requires double jump)
  • Harry (requires new skill, explosive)


Deafeat Bacon von Burn! It will unlock

  • Xandra
  • Ivy
  • Kahuna


  • Edgar
  • Skyler (requires swimming+burning)
  • Sekibanki (requires crawling)
  • Mr. Pepper Complete Person (requires all the personalities)

Shadowmint Castle-1

  • Zev
  • Heather (requires ground pounding)
  • Jeremy (requires long jump)
  • Epicmaster (Needs wall jump)

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