Peppo and Peppy is the other soda company in Tastyville, it is rivals with The Fizzo Soda and Popcorn Company. Its CEO is Karma. It was founded in 2010, it works with Dr. Pepper Corp


Peppo- Pepsi

Tangorine- Tangerine Soda

Graperade- Grape Energy Drink

Cinnisplash- Milkshake of lots of fruits with a hint of cinnamon

Poppin'- Bursting with flavor

Peppo Next- Pepsi Next

Crystal Peppo- Crystal Pepsi

Diet Peppo-Diet Pepsi

Crash- Crush

Peppo Free- Peppo with no caffine Pepsi Free

Peppo Cherry Vanilla- Pepsi Cherry Vanilla

Peppy Cola- Peppo with a sudden burst of sweetness

Hill Frost- Mtn. Dew

Waterthin- Aquafina

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