Perry's appearance on all Gamerias.

Perry is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Pepper (Ethymology: Pepper and Cherry) He is a big fan of Phineas and Ferb. He dress like the platypus on the series. He hates spicy food and veggies althrough he likes peppers (irony) and a fan of Burgerzillas (another irony). He also hates Mitori Kawashiro because when she buys a Perry the Platypus Doll, she probihited it and replaced with a Dr. Doofenshmertz Doll. Perry hates Dr. Doofenshmertz like Perry the Platypus on Phineas and Ferb. But, unlike Angie and Luis, thats when they're 5 years old.



  • 12 peppers all around
  • cooked for 15 mins.
  • cut into 10

Burger (also in HD and To Go) :

  • lettuce
  • well done patty
  • onion
  • tomato
  • pickle
    • Note: He orders the same as the Burgerzillas on Papa Louie 2.


  • steak in a pita shell
  • peppers
  • peppers
  • peppers
  • white rice
  • brown rice
  • Loco Mystery Sauce
  • cheese
  • nacho cheese


Same as Mr. Pepper's order.


Same as Mr. Pepper's order.


  • 6 red peppers
  • 6 green peppers
  • 6 medium strips



  • cheddarwurst in a pumpernickel roll
  • cheese
  • salsa
  • marinara sauce
  • fajita veggies
  • relish
  • pineapple relish
  • bacon


  • large Fizzo
  • large Candy Jack


See Mrs. Cherry.

Ranks to unlock

Pizzeria-Cupcakeria: Before Mrs. Cherry (Challenging)


  • His name should be Chepper or Pherry but they sound weird so it was just Perry. Also, Peppy is a girly name so it doesnt fit to the character. (just as Mandark's former name, Susan which is a girly name and thats why Dexter laughed at him on one of the episodes on Dexter's Laboratory)
  • He is the only Pepper Family member that is not unlockable on Bacon village.

Family Glitch

The glitch is, he takes two days to add a star on the Star Meter. Like all family members, the Star Meter doesnt drop to zero when made a poor job.


How to unlock:

He is found at Raisin Reef 4. Like Mrs. Cherry, he could be only unlocked by one of the members of The Pepper Family.


He wields stuffed platypus toys. On the third throw, sends a platypus toy with a fedora. On the fourth throw, sends a Perry the Platypus action figure. On the fifth row, he throws his fedora like a discus. And, on the sixth throw, well, look down at this table of comparison: 

Perry's projectile stats.
Type Baddies per unit Skill
Normal toy 1 none
Toy w/ fedora 2 none
Action figure 10 targeted seeker
Fedora discus depends on area chance to have a glide bomb
Fedora discus w/ glide bomb (dropping bomber) 5 ambush

Fedora discus has a chance to have an explosive platypus toy or a platypus toy that poops on every baddie it sees on the ground. Ambushes last enemy when it rans out of droppings.


He has a Swimming Skill (due to a platypus nature) and Explosive Skill (due to fedora glide bomb)

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