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Not to be confused with Reiza.
Reika Hatobu


The First Twin Heartbreaker


Ruler of Hatuboreikan, Heartsorrow City

Reika Hatobu (れいか はとぶ) is one of the two Twin Heartbreakers (along with Natalia). Reika is considered to be the most seductive person after Suzanna Shukuba is killed by Kroko, but Suzanna took back her title after being resurrected back.

Main Details

Reika is one of the two dangerous girls to meet for. Reika is the one who helped Natalia to win against Natalia's past boyfriends that ended up arrested in the end.

Reika's birthday is at October 30, but the year is actually the same as Julia's.


Reika's favorite juice is raspberry juice or blackberry juice, but her favorite drink is, dark wine. Although, as the Heartbreaker, her favorite is blood.


  • Reika's name is also similar to "haーtobureikaー (ハートブレイカー)", which means Heartbreaker.


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