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Rhett is a customer that first appears in Burgeria along with Link


  • Burgeria: Bun, Mayo, Cheese, Mustard, Rare Patty, BBQ sauce, Cheese, Bun.
  • Taco Mia: Hard, Pork, Peppers, Peppers, Sour Cream, Peppers, Lettuce.
  • Freezeria: L Cup, Vanilla, Marshmallows, Whipped Cream, Vanilla Syrup, Tropical Charms, x3 Marshmallows.
  • Pancakeria: x2 Pecan Pancakes, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Chips, x4 Bananas. L Decaf w/ Cream.
  • Wingeria: x2 Teriyaki Strips (left), x4 Mild Boneless, x4 Cheese Cubes (right), x2 French Fries (right), Awesome Sauce x3.
  • Hot Doggeria: Pretzel Bun, Cheddarwurst, Ballpark Mustard, Mushrooms, Ballpark Mustard, Mushrooms, Salsa, Bacon. S Diet Fizzo, M Cinnamon Pop.
  • Cupcakeria: Liner C, Lemon Cake.
    • Sunglow Frosting, Vanilla Drizzle, Shaved Coconuts, x1 Gingerbread Man, x1 Cookie.
    • Deep Purple Frosting, Vanilla Drizzle, Shaved Coconuts, Chocolate Chips, Santa Cookie Drizzle, x2 Gingerbread Mans, x1 Cookie (left).
  • Pastaria: Al-dente Stellini (Fettucine)
    • Rocket Ragu (3 cheese), Blue Cheese (Mozarella), Mozarella (if not Starlight Jubilee nothing), x6 Provolone Cheese (Tomatoes) x1 Prosciutto (Tomato, making it seven tomatoes), Crescent Roll (Cheesy Bread.

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