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Rin Kaenbyou (a.k.a. Orin) is a Kasha. (Japanese Cat Monster). She is very happy and optimistic. Her Best friend is Utsuho Reiuji. Her favorite holiday is the New Year.


SA Stage 5 Boss - Rin Kaenbyou's Theme - Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!-003:30

SA Stage 5 Boss - Rin Kaenbyou's Theme - Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer!-0

Taco: Pork in a Hard Taco, hot sauce, jalapenos, white rice, beans

Freezer Sundae: Medium Cup, Cookie Dough, Banana Syrup, Choco Cream, sprinkles, tropical charms, chocolate chips, 3 cherries

Pancakeria: Pecan Waffle, Whipped cream, rasperries, Large CJ with ice

Wingeria: 8 boneless with teriyaki sauce, 4 green peppers to the left, 4 fries to the right

Hot Dog: Hoagie Roll, Cheddarwurst, ketchup, pineapple relish, mayo, tomato, sport pepper, tomato

Cupcakes: 4th liner, Confetti Cake CUPCAKE 1: Sunglow Frosting, sprinkles, assorted holiday sprinkles, assorted holiday drizzles, 3 assorted holiday toppings

CUPCAKE 2: Black Frosting, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, assorted holiday sprinkles

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