Rozu Izayoi
Maryssa 5
Current concept.

Real Name

Maryssa Belphen

Former Titles

Devil Queen, Mysterious Woman

Current Title

The Mercenary Assassin


November 1

Customer Type


Rozu Izayoi (real name Maryssa Belphen), better known is currently one of the members of the affiliation. She is known to be a mysterious woman lurking in the streets.


Rozu Izayoi, or Rose, is the most feared racers of all time, despite of her car painted in black and red roses, she doesn't fear of the very skilled racers like Velocitia and Wisteria, her massive infractions at once, and messin' with the policemen's heads, marks her as the main target. This includes planning into Dmac betraying the police. You better be careful of Rose. Whatever she walks, chaos follows. Apparently, her real identity isn't known yet, but her real identity is the founder of the Mount Belphen, and the founder of the Black Rose Park, Maryssa Belphen.


Concept History

Concept Picture Changes
First Maryssa 01 This is the very first concept that was made by Erikah, using Photoshop.
Second Maryssa 02 Second concept.
Third Maryssaoriginal Third concept.
Fourth Maryssa 4 Fourth concept.
Fifth Maryssa 5 Fifth concept.

Other Stuff


  • She was a fan of the wrestlers Maryse (due to name) and Shawn Michaels (due to the moves).
  • She won the Princess Girl Supreme Tournament even although lost at the Season Three.
  • Originally she belonged to Erikah, and was put on a raffle. Later Mysteon won her. Years later it was given back to Erikah due to Mysteon giving up on FCs.

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