Cheesy Cheese! :D
~ Ruby Gem
Ruby, the True Cheese Fan


Andrew (Friend)



Status as Customer


Favorite Color

Every Color/No Favorite

Favorite Food

Her own foods

Favorite Season


Weapon in PLSE:TVoTFC

Stinky Cheese

Too many parameters

Ruby Gem is a girl who owns the Gems & Stuff. She has golden (kinda) hair, a blue shirt, jeans, and white shoes. She is Andrew's best friend. She debuted in Taco Mia!. She loves cheese. She went back to college to study Romance for Andrew.


Taco Mia: Soft shell, beef, cheese, nacho cheese, cheese, and cheese.

Freezeria: Large, Marshmallow, Mint Syrup, Chunky, Whipped Cream, Choco Syrup, and 3 Cherries.

Pancakeria: 1 Waffle, 1 Pancake, Whipped Cream, Maple Syrup, and blueberries.

Wingeria: 4 Parmesan Wings, 4 Parmesan Strips, 4 Parmesan Boneless, 4 Parmesan Shrimp, and x4 Blue Cheese. Circle.

Ruby's Wingeria Order.

Hot Doggeria: Cheddarwurst, Hoagie Roll, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Mustard, and Cheese.

Cupcakeria: Symmetrical, Liner A, (always), Confetti Cake, Mocha Frosting, Rainbow Sprinkles, Marshmallow, Cherry, and Marshmallow, no different on any holiday.

Pastaria: Macaroni, Three Cheese Sauce, Parmesan Cheese, and Cheese Bread.


  • She will order as much cheese as possible.
  • She is a gem sister.
  • She taught in Tastyville High.


Unlocked by: 100 Villains Defeated

Weapon: Stinky Cheese (Stuns Enemies)

Range: Medium

Skill: +50% damage when in Cheese Valley


When Ruby was little, she stumbled upon a rare gem while hiking. No geologist or scientist or braniac knew what it was. She studied it and found out about her passion for gems. She studied even more gems at the age of 21 and at 22 she taught geology at Tastyville High School. She moved to Starlight city when she recieved $1000000 from the gem she found when hiking, turns out a geologist has found out that it was a rare gem from some other country. 

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