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Ruby Aquamarine

Ruby-Aquamarine Firstdesign

Full Name
Ruby Aquamarine
February 17, 1987
Favorite Season
Summer Luau
Favorite Food
Anything spicy
Favorite Drink
Tangerine Pop
First Appearance
Papa's Pizzeria
The Blue Ruby
  • Geraldine and Gerald Aquamarine (siblings)

Ruby Aquamarine is the sibling of Geraldine Aquamarine. She likes rubies, hence her name. She currently resides on Happy Valley. 

Early Life

Ruby is the eldest of the three Aquamarine siblings. She was born on February 17, 1987. When she was 5 years old, she saw many jewels in a ship where they are aboard. Unfortunately, when she took one (a ruby), the boat struck a large rock. She and her siblings, Gerald and Geraldine, along with their mom, got tossed to another side of the boat. But, as the boat struck another rock, their mother got thrown out in a big hole. However, she and her siblings survived and was taken care of their aunt.

She got schooled to Calypso State University from elementary to college.

Current Life

Currently, she moved to Happy Valley because of a secret. She got accidentally cursed by a local witch, that she will become a monster when she leaves Happy Valley once she leaves it. But then, she invented a special type of an Archmage potion. She healed and undone the curse, but unfortunately, her both hands were a danger. She can produce fire accidentally, but she concealed them inside with a pair of gloves, much like Elsa. Ever since then, she had accepted what happened to her.


  • Her name came from a red gem's name Ruby, which would explain her love for rubies.
  • Ruby is the only one in the Aquamarine Family which does not like aquamarines.
  • Her concealing of powers with gloves are similar to what Elsa had done in Frozen, but with fire.

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