Cute Badge X3

The Badge Winners will recieve.

This is the official tournament for having a bit of fun with voting for FCs.

Signups for Seasons are currently OPEN, so sign up some FCs before they close!


  1. Only one signup allowed per user. May extend if signups get too short.
  2. No gender specifics... Either a boy or a girl!
  3. Give a picture!
  4. DO NOT MESS UP THE PAGE (Unless you are an admin, of course!)
  5. Sign up by leaving a message on my wall.


  1. Anyone bolded means they won that season.
  2. Voting starts after signups.
  3. The winners get a cute little badge I am making to go on their page!
  4. After Season 6, no more Random Additions! Only signed up contestants.
  5. Silvie fixed the old, awful badges. Thank you. uwu


Season 1

  1. Manor (Lpcarver)
  2. Lavigne (Rebecca Almeidinha)
  3. Bullet (Shaira the LittleCub)
  4. Jenny (Interdimensional Raven) (WINNER!)
  5. Misaka (LavenderSunset) (Random Addition)
  6. Lily (Angrybirdsrocks323) (Random Addition)
  7. Bang (MintIceCream) (Random Addition)
  8. Dove (HerpityDerpity) (Random Addition)

Season 2

  1. Maquezine (Lpcarver)
  2. Rebecca (Rebecca Almeidinha) (WINNER!)
  3. Shaira (Shaira the LittleCub)
  4. Florence (Fluffy Eevee323) (Random Addition)
  5. Linda (Angrybirdsrocks323) (Random Addition)
  6. Ross (XxBlazingDragonxX) (Random Addition)
  7. Luis (TouhouandMarioFan) (Random Addition)
  8. Gus (Little edoardo) (Random Addition)

Season 3

  1. Ambrosia (Lpcarver)
  2. Pedrinho (Rebecca Almeidinha)
  3. Sachira (PsychicEspeon) (Random Addition)
  4. Katelyn (Fluffy Eevee323) (Random Addition)
  5. Eleanor (VintagePinapple) (Random Addition)
  6. Laura (TouhouandMarioFan) (Random Addition)
  7. Shea (Colgatepony234) (Random Addition)
  8. Kimberly (LavenderSunset) (Random Addition) (WINNER!)

Season 4

  1. Xuni (Lpcarver)
  2. Thirteen (Rebecca Almeidinha)
  3. Ace (PsychicEspeon)
  4. Magia (AllOverPink) (WINNER!)
  5. Zorro (Interdimensional Raven)
  6. Mixray (BlackberryAndRasdberries)
  7. Holly (Christina the super girl)
  8. Deborah (MendoMan56)

Season 5

  1. Bruiser (Lpcarver)
  2. Zeta (Interdimensional Raven)
  3. Doreen (BlackberryAndRaspberries)
  4. Sierra (Fireball 1000)
  5. Alice (AllOverPink)
  6. Amber (Dawn14)
  7. Castle (Rebecca Almeidinha) (WINNER!)
  8. Abby (LavenderSunset) (Random Addition)

Season 6

  1. Fuchsia (Lpcarver)
  2. Sarah (Rebecca Almeidinha)
  3. Western Fan (Touhouandmariofan) (Random Addition)
  4. Betty (Dawn14) (Random Addition)
  5. Christina (Christina999) (Random Addition)
  6. Natura (Julepandchuckfanfurever) (Random Addition)
  7. Hong (Fluffy Eevee) (Random Addition) (WINNER!)
  8. Io (Shaira) (Random Addition)

Season 7

  1. Kurban (Lpcarver)
  2. Erika (Fluffy Eevee)
  3. Akira (Silvie) (WINNER!)
  4. Ruben (Almei)
  5. Asteria (Rasd)

Season 8

  1. El Toro (Lpcarver)
  2. Marinara (Almei) (WINNER!)
  3. Isaiah (Fluffy Eevee)
  4. Emmaline (Awesome Sauce)

Season 9

  1. Trixie (Lpcarver) (WINNER!)
  2. Morena (Almei)
  3. Billy Bob (Fluffy Eevee)
  4. Reiza (Rasd)

Season 10

  1. Poizen (Lpcarver)
  2. Viktor (Almei)
  3. Marie (Fluffy Eevee)
  4. Sakura (Rasd)
  5. Nelli (Imagoat)
  6. Suzanna (Erikah) (WINNER!)

Season 11

  1. Aurora (Lpcarver)
  2. Kitami (Rasd) (WINNER!)
  3. Velocity (Mendo)
  4. Seiran (Fluffy Eevee)
  5. Falsiane (Almei)
  6. Margot (Kit)
  7. Yolanda (Imagoat)
  8. Elidra (Silvie)

Season 12

  1. Emily (Lpcarver)
  2. Jeremiah (OptimineForge)
  3. Dory (Doremy)
  4. Beatrice (Azuki)
  5. Lady Colinne (Kit)

Season 13

  1. later


  • This tournament originally belonged to Lpcarver, but later Azuki asked Lpcarver if she can own this.

Wall of Fame

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