HNI 0053 JPG

Ryan's pic.

Ryan is a first Sonic The Hedgehog's FC and he is Jenny's boyfriend. His favourite colour is maroon and he likes chips a lot! He partecipated at Kief's CustomerPalooza: Spring Class and Prince Boy. But he appears in lots of Fan Games such as Dangan Flipline (he was Ultimate Gamer). He also friend with Zorro and Cindy. He likes cupcakes a lot than chips! Also, Rage Mallor chibified him. He is 20. Also, he was in a Prince Boy challenge versus Levi (he was Owen) and was a tie. Then, was a triple match. Ryan was versus Levi and Keloha and Levi won. Also, Ryan had a crush on Jenny. His full name is Ruben "Ryan" Cupcake. His favourite holiday is Starlight Jubilee. 


Winner of Season 1


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