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Sachira Yoiko
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Sachira Yoiko is a young teenager who lives in Snowlands. She is a fan of Akira Haru. Currently, she's working on a Snowlands-based band called Heartships! She's the lead pianist of the band, and acts as the co-leader.

She is calm and courageous, and she always encourages her teammates to be true to theirselves. She's part Japanese, though.


Sachira wears a light pink T-shirt, with white stripes and red hearts patterned throughout the shirt. She wears also white pants, with the same manner of pattern, white shoes with pink curvy stripes, together with black soles. To top it off, her light pink hair is singly tied, with an ahoge sticking out.


Sachira Yoiko was born on May 13. 

She is currently studying at Snowlands University, on her last year as a high school student. As a part-Japanese, she had learned that caring for people, matters. She had been recruited by Heartships! leader Yumi Tanaka, to be the pianist. She accepted, though, and after a few mini concerts, she became popular.

She is also a talented cosplayer, which makes her the band's cloth designer.


  • "Your insolence is not my fault, dear."
  • "Since Yumi is away, I will be leading this group for a while."
  • "Let's unite our hearts into one, and make our presence known!"
  • "This piano costs a lot..."



  • Her name is a reference to Akira's name.
  • She was entered in Princess Girl's overall sixth season. Unfortunately, she lost at the first rounds.
  • Hates to be called "soy sauce" for some reason.
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