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The Scarlet Sisters were the first vampires in Tastyville. Both First Appear in Papa's Burgeria.

Remilia's Biography

Remilia Scarlet is a vampire living in a mansion at the edges of Tacodale. She can't be in the sun, so she stays inside all day. She has a very light appetite, and barely sucks people's blood (If she does, the people lose very little blood). She is very childish, and acts like a little child most of the time. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

Eevee's Remilia



Flandre's Biography


Eevee's Flandre

Flandre Scarlet is Remilia's younger sister. She is a shut-in, and barely every comes out of the mansion. Flandre has a very unstable personality, and might not get along with most people. Unlike Remilia, she has a large appetite. Her favorite holiday is Easter.


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