Snowlands is an area located on the northwest of Frostfield. It was known for its cool weather every season. It is also a known tourist spot for many of the people in Flipverse. The current ruler of this city is Crescenta Fallorina. Snowlands is also known for its peacefulness and deep culture. The estimated population is 700,000.

Snowlands was a crime-free city ever since Crescenta governed it.


Snowlands was roughly a mountainous region not far from Frostfield. Snowlands was built by founder Lawrence Heffergood. He maintained the small town quiet and peaceful. Not long afterwards, a great fire which started in the Snowland forests spread out, and the town was burned. Heffergood now gathered the surviving people and they helped each other revitalize their destroyed homes. They buried the unlucky souls who were trapped in the fire in a cemetery not far from Cool Hills. Ever since then, Snowlands managed to boom their economy and city population once again. Many succesors/mayors had now taken up Lawrence's place, and now the city is ruled by Crescenta Fallorina, to which they don't know is a nymph.


Golden District

The Golden District is where the rich part of Snowlands is. This is also where the tourists spend their vacation time. Also known for having the biggest airport in the whole Flipverse, which is, the Snowland Air Domes. 

North and South Snowlands

The North and South Snowlands make an interesting part in the culture of the people from 1800-1900. Why? This is because the original snowlands were found here. The simplicity of the lives of the Snowland people still can be felt.

Cool Hills

The somewhat nomad tribes settled in the hilly parts in Northern Snowlands. These tribes were the base of Snowland militaries and also home to a sorcerer, Kotta Kokoro. Kokoro was known to have ice-like powers, which were believed to cool Snowlands. However, the Cool Hills region is the smallest region found, and transportation is not possible.

Center Metropolis and Downtown Snowlands

These two districts make up the most noisy part of Snowlands and are the most busy districts. This is also where the city hall is located. Home of the Lorenzo Yang Museum and also the monument of Crescenta.

East Plains

This big part of Snowland is considered as a large plain of a variety of resources. This is where Snowlands get their needs from.

Known Citizens

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