Soga no Tojiko (or Toziko) is a Ghost who is Friends with Seiga KakuMononobe no Futo, & Toyosatomimi no Miko.


Soga no Tojiko

She has a Kanmuri Style hat.  She debuts in Burgeria


  • Burgeria: Bun, Rare Patty, Mayo, Rare Patty, Cheese, Bun.
  • Taco Mia: Pita, Chicken, Sour Cream, Lettuce, Sour Cream, Cheese.
  • Freezeria: L, Marshmallows, Vanilla, Smooth, Whip Cream, Tropical Charms, Banana.
  • Pancakeria: x3 Pecan Pancakes with Blueberries in every one of them, and Cinnamon (final). S Tea w/ Cream.
  • Burgeria Ipad: Bun, Rare Patty, Awesome Sauce, Rare Patty, Swiss Cheese, Mayo, Bun.
  • Wingeria: 12 Parmesan Wings, 6 Celeries, x4 Blue Cheese.
  • Hotdoggeria: Pretzel Bun, It. Sausage, Mayo, Relish, Mayo, Fajita Veggies. L Lemon Mist w/ S RHP.

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