Steve is a cool guy from Calypso Island.He is a student of the Calypso Sundaes University.When he is on his weekends,he likes to roam and go to the restaurants of Papa.He is Bess' friend but he don't know that Bess loves him.


Favourite holiday



Bess Jacob


Steve has his hairstyle similar to that of Jake.He wears puka necklace,and bracelets.He wears a green Jacket with blue striped paint and red and white shoes.


Freezeria:Large cup,Pinneaple mixable,Banana syrup,chunky blend,chocolate whipped cream,chocolate syrup,tropical charms,3 bananas.

Pancakeria:4 pancakes with bacon mix,cinnamom on the second one,chocolate chips,maple syrup and a butter on 1st one.

Burgeria HD:Top bun

            Well done patty

            Awesome sauce


            Pepperjack cheese

            Bottom bum

Wingeria:4 Wasabi sauced boneless on right,3 bbq sauced chicken strips on left and chesse cubes{4} all over with 3 mango chilli dip.

Hot doggeria:Chicago bun


             Pinneaple relish


             Pinneaple relish


            L Root Beer with L Cheddar corns

Cupcakeria: 1:Liner A Zebra stripe cake

             Black Frosting

             Rock Candy 

            Vanilla drzzle

            Licorice drizzle{nothing on other holidays}

           3 Candy Jack-o-lantern{2 cherries and a cloudberry on normal}

       2: Mocha frosting

          Creameo bits

          Boo sprinkles{Rock Candy on normal}

          Chocolate drizzle

         Sugar skull{3 nutty butter cups on normal}

         nutty butter cups

         Chocolate cone


  • Steve's favourite holiday is haloween.

    Steve at the baseball season of Cupcakeria

  • Steve made his debut in freezeria.
  • Steve don't know that Bess loves him.
  • Steve is die heart fan of Calypso Coconuts.He also has the uniform of Calypso Coconuts.
  • At Baseball season,Steve wears the uniform of Calypso Coconuts.
  • He also is a student of Calypso Sundaes University.
  • His favourite food is Pinneaple.
  • He "HAD" a crush on Amber Tate.

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