Sugar And Sugar is a company which makes sweets, energy drinks, and everything sugar. It is recommended for children to stay out of reach. Sugar And Sugar's products make you very hyper.





Hypenergy - An energy drink which can give you enough energy to power a city.

Bounce Around - A candy bar which gives you a huge sugar rush.

Sugar With Sugar In It - Exactly what it sounds like.

Ten Hour Caffiene - A candy bar which gives you hyperactivity.

Sweet and Elite - An energy drink for gamers which allows you to play better and longer.

Practically Suiciding - A candy bar with tons of sugar; it is known to give heart attacks.

FlavorBurst - A candy bar with artifical sugar fruit flavoring in every bite.

Felix and Felicity's Contribution - A pack of mini artifical fruit with a lot of sugar.

The Wake-Up Call - Great for mornings, gives you lots of caffiene in a candy bar.

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