Charles Everdeen's normal appearance on all Gamerias.


Henry Everdeen's appearance on all Gamerias.Notice that there is almost no difference among them.

The Everdeen brothers are twins. They love watching The Hunger Games and sometimes, cosplay as the characters during halloween. They almost look like the same. Some people think that Henry (or Charles) is cloned. They have Katniss (coming soon, I need an avatar) as their cousin. They were also cursed by Cyrus, and they are now sleeping forever. 

They occasionally order, but it is Martin who order.


Henry's orders the same as Charles (no offence, Dawn14.)


  • 12 pepperoni all around
  • cooked for 45
  • slices into tenths

Burgeria (HD, Desktop and To Go!)

  • well-done patty
  • cheese
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • onion
  • well-done patty

Taco Mia

  • hard
  • chicken
  • cheese
  • nacho cheese
  • lettuce

Freezeria (HD and Desktop)


Pancakeria to Pastaria:



They were born on District 11 on the Ding-Dong street. But, right after birth, their parents chose to tribute on The Hunger Games. Unfortunately, they lost, leaving them unable to do anything. Fortunately, at age 4, Martin visited them and implanted a chip on their heads, making them smart. They worked on the Pastaria and homeschooled. But, they were evil cursed by Cyrus on their home,


  • They are absent on the Freezeria due Cyrus's curse
  • They like weapons and sometimes, accidentally kill people.
  • They come in different looks on Halloween.
  • They like sitting on the dining room.
  • People, as mentioned by Dawn14, will get confused when they actually set foot on the Flipverse.
  • They are not actually based off on a movie characters, but their surname (Everdeen) is based from The Hunger Games.

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