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              Dragon Studios presents........                                 The Mysterious Daisy...........





The Mysterious Daisy is a film that takes place in Calypso Island. Its about a magical daisy that must be removed out of the ground. If it isn't removed, Calypso Island will explode to pieces. Michael and Twinkle want to get it out of the ground but the villian (Zack) wants to destroy Calypso Island and take over of it.


Director: John Williams

Producer: Cody Henster

Costume Designer: Valerie Minkleson

Michael Donster as Protaginist

Twinkle Wilfred as Protaginist

Zack Dorrison as Antagonist

And............ Action!

Zack: Its time for my plan to be in action! In 20 minutes the daisy that I have created will explode and I will be the King of Calypso Island!

-Michael and Twinkle overhear Zack-


Michael: We have to save Calypso Island!

Twinkle: I know but where is the Daisy Located?

Michael: Lets look around for a strange Daisy!

Twinkle: Alirght but we have to be careful! We only have 20 minutes!

Michael: Lets go!

-Michael and Twinkle walk for 10 minutes-

Twinkle: Whew! Im so tired and hot!

Michael: So am I but we can't take breaks till we find it!


-Michael and Twinkle keep on walking-

Twinkle: Michael Michael!

Michael: What is it?

Twinkle: Look at that! Something is glowing but i can't tell what it is!

Michael: Lets get a closer look

Twinkle: This is it!

Michael: Put on your sunglasses before you get a closer look!

-Twinkle and Michael put on their sunglasses-

Producer Cody!!

Twinkle: Lets take it out of the gorund!

-Zack jumps and pushes Michael and Twinkle-

Zack: Nobody is going to stop me from being the King of Calypso Island Now!

Michael: Think again! Im not letting you take over Calypso Island.

-Michael takes out Daisy from the ground-

Zack: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Plan is ruined because of you! Im not letting you get away with it!

Twinkle: Oh ya!

-Michael and Twinkle grabs surfboards-
Director John

Director John!!

Zack: Come back!!!!!!


Director John: And Cut!

Producer Cody: Great job guys! Valerie nice job on the costumes!

Valerie: Thanks alot!

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