The Peterson Family is a family in Tastyville consisting of 36 living members and 6 deceased members. Members with no info have no articles yet.


Margo - The youngest of her 3 siblings, stepmother of Amethyst

Franklin - The second oldest

Suzie - The oldest, and is divorced and has kids

Megan - The daughter of Suzie, sister of Patrick

Patrick - The son of Suzie, brother of Megan

Pit - The father of the siblings, grandfather of Suzie's kids

Abigail - The mother of the siblings, grandmother of Suzie's kids

Perian - Cousin of the siblings.




Hortensia - Mother of Pit (d. 1978)

Adrien - Father of Pit (d. 1999)

Alex - Father of Adrien (d. 1967)

Paula - Mother of Adrien (d. 1967)

Ai - Mother of Alex (d. 1935)

John - Father of Alex (d. 1939)

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