The Wizards is an Affiliation consisting off five wizards, Elijah, Kyle, CherylLaura and Brittany.

Elijah, the Diviner

Kyle, the Necromancer

Cheryl, the Conjurer

Laura, the Theurgist

Brittany, the Pyromancer


The wizards, once just a normal group of students who were studying their various talents at Wizard City , get called in by the Headmaster, Merle Ambrose , who warns them of growing evil in the Spiral. They were the most powerful students in the school, and the Headmaster gave them permission to put their studies aside and fight the growing evil, Malistaire .

Kyle took charge of the group, and they headed off. They freed each closed off land in Wizard City, Cheryl's homeland, and discovered he headed for Krokotopia , Brittany's homeland. The evil was after the Krokonomicon, which would help him with his evil plan. The Wizards came to help, but he had already left, and they had to clean the mess he made. He fled to Marleybone , Elijah's homeland, after learning the Krokonomicon was transported there. The evil stole it with the help of a friend, but had a showdown with The Wizards after. He used his criminal friend, Meowiarty , to distract them as he fled. His plan worked, and he planned to take the Krokonomicon to Dragonspyre, but learned you can only get access to there by finding the key in Mooshu, Laura's homeland. The only person with the key was the Emperor, but Malistaire poisoned him and took the key! They had to cure the Emperor to prove they weren't evil as well, and in the end, they discovered there was a second key, and they ventured to Dragonspyre, Kyle's homeland. The place was different from when he last visited. Malistaire planned to use the Krokonomicon to summon the Titan and make him bring his wife back to life, which has a chance of destorying the Spiral! They had to defeat him to make him stop, and in the end all was solved...

...but a new evil is starting to rise...

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