Touhou: Papa Louie Edition is a vertical danmaku shoot-em-up game. It is like Touhou, but with FCs.


Easy: For New Players

Normal: For Average Players

Hard: For Experienced Players

Lunatic: Wait a Minute....

Playable Characters


Shot Types: Option A: A homing shot. Option B: A Narrow, Powerful Shot

Bombs: Option A: Spice Sign: Saucy Shot. Option B: Rage Sign: Fury Smash


Shot Types: Option A: Two Lasers (Similar to Marisa's Illusion Laser). Option B: A Wide Shot, Latches onto enemies when focused (Like Sakuya-A in Perfect Cherry Blossom)

Bombs: Option A: Power Sign: Ultra Beam (Similar to Master Spark). Option B: Tri-Sign: Tri-Stars (Similar To VIVIT-A's Bomb in Banshiryuu)


Shot Types: Option A: Mini-Cheese Bombs! (Similar to Sakuya-A in Double Dealing Character). Option B: Homing Laser (Similar to Marisa's Illusion Lasers, But with Weaker, Homing Lasers

Bombs: Option A: Cheese Sign: Spray Cheese (Similar to Youmu's Bomb in Imperishable Night). Option B: Target Sign: Homing Laser (Similar to Shou/Erich's Curvy Lasers)


Shot Types: Option A: Scatter Shot (A Wide, Scattering Shot). Option B: Take it or Leave It (Similar to Remilia in Imperishable Night)

Bombs: Option A: Kettle Sign, Scattered Corn (Similar to Marisa-B's Bomb in Undefined Fantastic Object). Option B: Vampirish Night (Similar to Remilia's Bomb in Imperishable Night)


Somebody has turned some residents of Tastyville Evil! You must stop the culprit before these evil people take over the Flipverse, possibly the World!!!

Bosses and Midbosses

Stage 1 Midboss: Billy Bob

Stage 1 Boss: Janice and Joel

Stage 2 Midboss: Analisa

Stage 2 Boss: Luis

Stage 3 Midboss: Azuki

Stage 3 Boss: Shaira

Stage 4 Midboss: Maddy

Stage 4 Boss A (If You Play as Lauren): Angie

Stage 4 Boss B (If you Play as Angie): Lauren

Stage 4 Boss C (If you Play as Jason): Tennyr

Stage 4 Boss D (If you Play as Tennyr): Jason

Stage 5 Midboss: Trinity

Stage 5 Boss: Akira

Stage 6 Midboss: Deborah

Final Boss: Maurice

Extra Midboss: Antonio

Extra Boss: Doremy Sweet

Phantasm Midboss: Muse

Phantasm Boss: Amber

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