Guess who got a job at *name of business*!
~ Trish

Patricia Marie "Trish" De Le Rosa is a 15 year old girl. Her best friend is Ally. She is based on Trish from Austin and Ally. Her first appearence is Pancakeria. Her favorite holiday is Valentines Day. She gets fired from almost every job she has. That's why her resume is 20 pages long.

List of Jobs

  • Daisy's Flowers
  • Yo-Yo Cart
  • Melody Diner
  • Susie's Soups
  • Papa's Pizzeria Cook
  • Puffy's Pillows
  • Nintendo Store (Fired for playing games at break)
  • Red Mango Clerk
  • Papa's Pizzeria Delivery Girl
  • Super Adventure Land Amusement Park
  • Waitress for Starlight Diner
  • Delivery Girl for Moon Star Chinese restaurant
  • Clerk at Rite Aid
  • Cupcake City
  • Grandma's Bakery
  • Max's Animal Shelter
  • Papa's Burgeria Grill Manager
  • Austin's Manager (Not fired)
  • Ally's Manager (not fired)
  • Make-a-Monkey Workshop Clerk
  • The Fabric Superstore
  • Tastyville Tomatoes Mascot
  • Papa's Taco Mia Topping Manager
  • Relaxation Station Spa Massager
  • Air Tastyville Flight Attendant
  • Papa's Freezeria Mixer Manager
  • Seafood Paradise Waitress
  • Make-Your-Own-Plate Clerk
  • Cloudberry Salon
  • Papa's Pancakeria Drink Maker
  • Cecilia's Manager
  • Church Choir Leader
  • Macey's Clerk
  • Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Holder 
  • Benihunu Waitress
  • Papa's Wingeria Sauce Person
  • Banana Store Clerk (got fired for playing with MyPads)
  • Moon's Mattress Kingdom Clerk (Got fired for sleeping on the job)
  • High Class Catering
  • Custodian for Papa's Pizzeria
  • Tropical Smoothie Shack
  • Suzy's Soups Chef and Waitress
  • Tacodale Convenience Store Clerk
  • Beach Snack Shack Clerk
  • Fairway Market Clerk
  • Comic Shop Clerk
  • Party Town Halloween Costume Clerk
  • Diana's Jewlery Shoppe Clerk (Got fired for "modeling" jewlery)
  • Santa's Elf at the Mall
  • Retirement Castle Bingo Caller
  • Chris's Optical
  • Papa's Pastaria Server
  • Papa's Cupcakeria Chef (got fired after a customer did not like her meal, then sprayed Frosting in their face)
  • Miami Beach Club (Not fired)


Coming Soon!

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