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Trixie Stone
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Trixie is a popular socialite and business owner who owns a multi-purpose company named "Stone Inc.", which makes products like cosmetics, detergants, solvents, supplies, clothing and food. She is also a model and singer, who's main rival is Darcey, and is a good friend of models and business owners such as Pix, Ali, Mayana and Wyvernia. She isn't the type of person who thinks they need enough money to be cool and needs to be famous for no reason, as she runs other businesses and does charities.


Trixie has platinum blonde hair dyed with purple around the ends and hazel eyes. She has pink eyeshadow and silver star earrings, and wears a fluff-adorn pink sweater with periwinkle love hearts, voilet chinos with a black and white belt and maroon riding boots.


  • "Money doesn't just make the world go round and round, no no no!"
  • "Famous for being famous? No, but I do have a few businesses I set up myself."
  • "Did I end up with a knockoff?"


  • She has a few resemblances to Paris Hilton, but she is not fully based off her.
  • She was originally owned by SEP, until he had no use for her and gave her to Lpcarver.
  • She is Lpcarver's 95th FC
    • She is Lpcarver's 95th edited FC


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