Uliana Periwinkle

First Appearance

Papa's Burgeria



Uliana Periwinke is a famous businesswoman. As she was born to a family of German hunters in Scotland, Uliana grew up learning how to hunt, but Uliana later pursued a career as a businesswoman at college. Uliana now works as a bank clerk in Burgerburgh.

She is a very picky and emotionless woman, who also has good defence. She regularly goes to aerobics classes, and is also a horse trainer.


  • "Yeah, if people could stop stereotyping bank clerks and business people as defenceless idiots, that'd be great."
  • "Back slash!"
  • "I'm really feeling it!"
  • "What is this I don't even..."


  • She was made by GigzaPizza, and later adopted by Z-Z.


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