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Vanna is a highly skilled gold driller, living in Starlight City with her friend Ceri. She has a very short temper, and is very easy to annoy. When angered, she often remains angry for a long time. Alongside that she's very confident, and has a bit of an ego.


Vanna wears quite a lot of purple. She wears a lavender short-sleeved shirt, with a darker purple vest over that, and light purple shorts. Alongside this she wears fairly long white gloves, and dark purple shoes. She has bright blonde hair, usually styled into a ponytail. Occasionally, she wears blue eyeshadow, but this is usually for formal occasions.

She's also quite short.


Born in Starlight City, Vanna was never really sure what she was going to be when she grew up. Most jobs didn't really appeal to her. She had a noticeable interest in rocks and minerals, as well as mechanics. Spending most of her free time reading about pistons and crystals, she didn't talk to a lot of people. She did, however, chatter with her neighbor, Ceri, quite frequently. The two became very close friends with time. After a while, Vanna got into gold drilling, after she became fascinated with the drilling carts used. 


  • "I didn't SCRAPE and CLAW my way back to RELEVANCE for THIS!"
  • "Swiss fricking CHEESE-!"
  • "I swear to god if you don't get away from that door I'm gonna freakin' kill you! GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR!"


  • Vanna is based upon the (so far as Eightball has found) unnamed default character in the iOS game Gold Diggers.
  • She curses like a sailor and has to be bowlderized for the Flipline Forum.
  • Her original KCP2013 design was far less accurate than her current one.
  • Vanna was entered in Princess Girl Season 3. She lost to Kristinne in the first round.


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