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Victoria is a girl who works at Cupcakeria.

Born: November 30, 1987

Height: 5'5

Favorite food: Coconuts

Weight: 143 lbs

Favorite holidays: Pirate Bash (Cupcakeria), New Year (Pastaria), Sky Ninja Returns (Donuteria), St. Paddy's Day (Cheeseria)


Pizzeria: 12 sausage, 30 minutes, cut in 6.

Burgeria: bottom bun, well done patty, mustard, cheese, mayo, top bun.

Taco Mia: absent (don't ask)

Freezeria: large cup, nutty butter cups, mint syrup, regular blend, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, tropical charms, nuts, chocolate chips, 3 bananas

Pancakeria: pecan waffle, whipped cream, 4 strawberries, chocolate chip waffle, whipped cream, raspberries, honey. Drink: tea in L. cup with ice.

Burgeria HD: bottom bun, well done patty, bacon, mushrooms, awesome sauce, swiss cheese, mayo, onion ring, top bun.

Wingeria: 3 spicy garlic shrimps, 3 wasabi wings, 3 cheese cubes, 3 fries, 3 kung pao dips.

Hot Doggeria: veggie dog, pretzel bun, cheese, mushrooms, ballpark mustard, bacon. Drink: hyper green in L. cup. Popcorn: cinnamon swirl in L. box.

Cupcakeria: liner C, confetti batter. Cupcake 1: teal frosting, blueberry wave drizzle (strawberry drizzle if not Pirate Bash), vanilla drizzle, cannonball gum, shaved coconuts, 3 jolly rogers (nutty butter cups if not Pirate Bash). Cupcake 2: black frosting, vanilla drizzle, blueberry wave drizzle (strawberry drizzle if not Pirate Bash), shaved coconuts, rock candy, jolly roger, gummy craken, jolly roger.


Her new look (Cheeseria)

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