Zakai, the extra-tip giving doctor

Zakai is a Doctor who first appears in Papa's Taco Mia. He owns a Pharmacy. He's also a special kind of customer, since he'll give you extra tips (Even with Jojo's Ribbon) His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.


  • Taco Mia: Soft, Steak, Verde Sauce, Mild Sauce, Diced Onions, Diced Tomatoes.
  • Freezeria: M, Banana, Yum'n'ms, Regular, Whip Cream, Butterscoth, Tropical Charms, x1 Cookie, x1 Cherry, x1 Gummy Onion.
  • Pancakeria: x1 Pecan Waffle, x1 Bacon Waffle, Honey, Cinnamon, x1 Strawberry, x1 Banana. S CJ w/ Ice
  • Wingeria: x7 Atomic Shrimp, x14 Cheese Cubes, X4 Blue Cheese Dips
  • Hotdoggeria: Pumpernickel Roll, Veggie Dog, Pinneaple Relish, Ketchup, M Tangerine Pop, M Butterred Popcorn
  • Cupcakeria: Liner C, Zebra Cake.
    • 1st: Sunglow Frosting, Pumpkin Pie Drizzle, Autumn Leaves Sprinkles, x2 Chocolate Acorns
    • 2nd: Orange Frosting, Autumn Leaves Sprinkles, Chocolate Drizzle, x3 Chocolate Acorns

Extra Tips

  • Normal: $5.50
  • Bronze: $7.25
  • Sliver: $8.00
  • Gold: $10.50
  • Normal-Ribbon: $8.00
  • Bronze: $9.50
  • Silver: $11.00
  • Gold: $15.00

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