Zdenek is one of the brothers of Zev. He makes constant trips to the entire Papa world for reseraching weird or extraordinary things and bring them to diverse shops or museums. In his free time, he takes a break from his trips and have fun with his brothers. He's also the middle brother.


  • Pizzeria: 3 Pepperonies, 9 Mushrooms, cooked for 5 mins, cut in 8ths.
  • Burgeria: Bottom B, Lettuce, Medium Patty, Mayo, Medium Patty, Tomato, Top B.
  • Taco Mia: Hard, Pork, Mild Sauce, Verde Sauce, Onions.
  • Freezeria: S, Yum'n'ms, Banana, Medium, Whip Cream, Shaved Mints, Shaved Mints, Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Chips, Butterscoth.
  • Pancakeria: Blueberry Waffle, x2 Strawberries, x2 Butter, Blueberries, Sugar, Cinnamon, Choclate Chips, L Tea w/ Ice.
  • Wingeria: 4 Parmesan Wings, 4 Wild Onion Strips, 4 Celeries (left), 4 Carrots (left) 8 Red Peppers (right)
  • Hotdoggeria: Pumpernickel Roll, Veggie Dog, Tomato Sauce, Mushrooms, Pinneaple Relish, Mild Sauce. M Dr Cherry, S Cotton Puffs.

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