Zev is a guy who lives in the cold zone of Powder Peak. His hobby is to go surfing with his best friend, Kahuna. He also plays multiple instruments such as trumpet, piano, flute, etc. He makes constant trips to Calypso Island.




  • Pizzeria: 6 Anchovies (left) 3 Olives (right) 3 Sausage (right) 6 Pepperoni, 6 Peppers. Cooked for 10 mins, cut in 6 pieces.
  • Burgeria: Bottom Bun, Cheese, Mayo, Tomato, Rare Patty, Welldone Patty, Pickle, Top Bun.
  • Taco Mia: Hard, Beef, Verde Sauce, Cheese, Hot Sauce, Beans, Sour Cream.
  • Freezeria: M, Creameo Bits, Chocolate, Chunky, Whip Cream, Starwberry Sauce, Tropical Charms, Butterscoth, Shaved Mnints, Creameo, Banana, Cookie.
  • Pancakeria: Blueberry Toast, x5 Butter, Choco Chips Toast, x5 Butter, Whip Cream, Cinnamon. L Milk w/ Cocoa.
  • Wingeria: 3 Honey Mustard Shrimp, 3 Medium Strips, 6 Cheese Cubes, 3 Green Peppers, Ranch, B. Cheese, Ranch, Kung Pao.
  • Hot Doggeria: Chicago Bun, Kielbasa, Mustard, Cheese, Tomato Sauce, Relish, Pickle, M Tangerine Pop, S Cinnamon Swirl.

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